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The totally revised 7th edition of Frans Veldman’s book, “Haptonomy, Science of Affectivity”, is now available as 8th. edition, 2001.

This edition has been entirely rewritten. It replaces all the precedent editions of the first work on haptonomy. This book is the witness of a continual quest to clarify haptonomic phenomenality using the wealth of knowledge and information obtained from the diverse applications, the research, reflection and teaching in the course of these last ten years. The entire text of preceding editions has been rigorously revised in order to place the emphasis on what is essential in the phenomenality of the human haptonomic approach, and enriched by the most recent developments and innovations.

Unlike the first French editions which were a translation from the Dutch text, this edition has been written directly and entirely in French.

This new edition, which contains numerous illustrations, the majority in colour for a clearer comprehension, has - as well as the usual title – “Haptonomy, Science of Affectivity”, the sub-title : “Rediscover the human”.

More than ever, this book is of very great interest not only to the professionals following the courses, but also to anyone interested in human relations.

The book can be ordered either through a bookshop or by contacting Presses Universitaires de France – 6, avenue Reille – 75014 PARIS.