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Haptonomy is a part of the human sciences. It concerns the very base of human existence from which every being flourishes and develops in order to follow his personal way of life.

Defined as the science of affectivity, it is a science in that it involves the typical phenomena of the human being, which can be reproduced and verified. "Hapto" is a classic Greek root meaning : I make tactile contact, I join together , I establish a (tactile) relationship, a contact, in order to heal, to cure, to make whole, to confirm the other person in his existence.

Haptonomy opens up a way of being in the world which appeals to specifically human affective faculties. It is these primal faculties which regulate the content and quality of relations between humans and which determine the nature and essence of their encounters.

Haptonomic accompaniment enables the person to put his affective faculties to use. These then develop and mature.

With the feeling of security that haptonomy establishes comes the desire and zest for life (libido vitalis). The psychotactile contact, which is specific to haptonomic phenomenality, is in no way reducible to "touching", it solicits the person’s vital force of intention. With this affirmation of his existence, or better still the confirmation of his affectivity, he can take the initiative to activate his own faculties, aptitudes and genetic gifts in his relations with others.

Haptonomy was founded by F.VELDMAN, researcher in life sciences. It is taught exclusively by him and the scientific and professorial college, at the Centre International de Recherche et de Développement de l’Haptonomie (C.I.R.D.H.). International Center for Research and Development of Haptonomy.
Only the C.I.R.D.H. (Oms, France) is authorized and qualified to teach Haptonomy in its original and authentic form.

The only persons with the ability to practice the diverse applications of Haptonomy (Haptopsychotherapy, Pre-and Postnatal accompaniment, Haptosynesis) appear on the official lists which are available from the C.I.R.D.H.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that there are unqualified practitioners and unauthorized institutes using misleading advertising or falsely presenting themselves as entitled to teach or practice Haptonomy.
If in doubt, contact the C.I.R.D.H. at 66400, Oms, France, Tel : (00.33) - (0)