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Participation at our seminars and courses is reserved for those qualified to exercise a profession in the sphere of health.

Admission to the professional courses is open :

  • for ante and post natal haptonomic accompaniment: to obstetricians, mid-wives, paediatricians, general practitioners, psychologists belonging to teams qualified for birth accompaniment in the maternity.
  • for hapto-obstetrics: to obstetricians and mid-wives (after having completed the preceding professional course in ante and postnatal haptonomic accompaniment).
  • for haptopsychotherapy, hapto-paedagogy and haptopsychagogy : to psychiatrists, paediatricians, paedopsychiatrists, psychologists (DESS) and doctors
  • for haptosynesis: to the medical and paramedical professions (doctors, nurses, pedagogues, physiotherapists, psychomotricians and the like).