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Within the context of the last world war and the experience of the atrocities of the Holocaust,
Frans VELDMAN (Birth 06/09/1921 - Death 25/01/2010), confronted by the most extreme human experiences – as much in the solidarity, the goodness, the courage, as in the worst humiliation, the cruelty and the horror – measured the importance of the Affective in human relations and the essential effects that it could have through the intermediary of thymotactile contact, in the spheres of education and healthcare.

His medical, philosophical, psychological and artistic education led him to theorise his discovery, based on a wide clinical experience in hospitals, in numerous medical disciplines.

During his studies and researches he discovered, recognised and analysed the causes of deficits, deprivations, frustrations and traumatisms which impede or inhibit the development of psychic health. For many years he taught the original haptonomy, based on his experiences, in the Netherlands.

Then retiring to the South of France in 1980 to OMS, near PERPIGNAN – to write and elaborate numerous research papers gathered during the preceding period, he aroused a passionate interest for his work concerning birth in a number of members of the GRENN.

As a result of this interest, courses in the field of obstetrics became necessary and were created. Then, aware of the increasing demand for this work, it soon became clear to other carers, practising in very different clinical spheres, that an immense and innovative area of (psycho-)therapeutic experiences and possibilities was opening. Thus, progressively, a new period of schooling and transmission of haptonomy in its basic phenomenality and all its possible applications, was created. (See courses). This necessitated the constitution of a multi-disciplinary, international teaching staff. (See : Scientific College).

Haptonomy in terms of life sciences and the art of living, implies a commitment and personal understanding which, in the manner of all human science during its development, is confronted by the question of its transmission, of its improvements as well as its betrayal and misuse.

The original and authentic Haptonomy is exclusively represented and transmitted by the CIRDH (Centre International de Recherche et de Développement de l’Haptonomie / International Centre for the Research and Development of Haptonomy). The CIRDH Frans VELDMAN is the unique Centre in the world where researchers, doctors and academics, together with the founder, Frans Veldman, dedicate themselves to the study, research and schooling of the phenomenality and values of Haptonomy.

The CIRDH Frans VELDMAN would like to put on their guard anyone who may be misled by advertisements for courses and schooling in haptonomy.

Only the CIRDH Frans VELDMAN situated in Paris, France, is authorised and qualified to teach haptonomy in its original and authentic form.

Anyone without a reference from the CIRDH Frans VELDMAN, and who has not completed his course at this centre compromises the message of haptonomy.

The CIRDH Frans VELDMAN never advertises.