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Haptonomic phenomenality encompasses numerous fields for application :

This consists of an accompaniment during the developing affective relationship between the father, mother and child. It encourages the bonds of parenthood, the welcoming of the child, and an openess to life. This haptonomic accompaniment must not under any circumstances be reduced to a method or technique of birth preparation or ante-natal preparation.
The accompaniment which takes place during pregnancy favours the well being of the mother, child and father and prepares them for the experience of the birth. It continues during the first year of the child’s life, helping him towards self-fulfilment.

  • Hapto-obstetric and haptonomic child care also issue from this area of application.

Haptopsychotherapy is a form of assistance, accompaniment, or therapy, which aims to help the person to establish, recover, restore or develop his psychic health. It applies to those already suffering, or those on the verge of, an existential malaise, confronted by a feeling of frustration, of incompleteness of their being.
Haptopsychotherapy offers these persons, the possibility of self-activating the resources derived from their libido vitalis - desire and zest for life - the basic foundation of human existence.

  • Hapto-paedogogy and haptopsychagogics also issue from this area of application.

Haptosynesis is concerned with the physical comfort in terms of the dignity of the individual. It aims at restoring the feeling of wholeness in those whose physical well-being has been affected by illness or physical trauma. The aim of the help is also that, despite his handicap, the individual does not lose his own personality or his commitment to his fellow man.
Clinical kinesionomics

  • Haptonomic accompaniment for the dying inherent to the functions in haptosynesis and haptopsychotherapy also issue from this area of application.